How Our Family Started

Our family has always been around the Chow Chow breed, but in 2016 we got one of our own. We fell in love with her and decided to find her a companion. Not necessarily for breeding, but so that she had a playmate. However, we faced many struggles trying to locate a Chow Chow in the Western United States. We ultimately ended up getting her a friend in Oklahoma and fell in love once again. We then decided to bring home a third Chow Chow but, this time we ended up having to go to Ohio. When we were on the flight to Ohio we decided to start breeding, as we had come to realize how difficult it is in finding a legit quality breeder who had availability on this side of the county. Although there are several quality breeders, the demand is larger than the availability. We took this opportunity to help other families that are maybe wanting a Chow Chow and are not able to travel the country.
So we adventured off in purchasing a home just for our breeding operations. We have been working hard to bring quality in our Chow Chow’s to the Southern California area. We have a team that emphasizes on the care and socialization of our dogs and we ensure that your pup will come with all the love and socialization they deserve plus more.