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Our family has always been around the Chow Chow breed, but in 2016 we got one of our own. We fell in love with her and decided to find her a companion. Not necessarily for breeding, but so that she had a playmate. However, we faced many struggles trying to locate a Chow Chow in the Western United States. We ultimately ended up getting her a friend in Oklahoma and fell in love once again. We then decided to bring home a third Chow Chow but, this time we ended up having to go to Ohio. 



The mission of Chowifornia is to improve the Chow Chow breed through responsible breeding, attention to detail, and while guaranteeing that each and everyone of our pups will receive the love and socialization they need but, most of all that they deserve.

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On Jaunary 4, 2023 an AKC Registered litter was born. (1) Female Cinnamon, (1) Blue Female,  & (1) Black Male. Parents Apple & Curly. Chowifornia’s AKC pricing is $2,000 per puppy. Breeding Rights may be purchased for an additional fee.   

On January 13, 2023 a CKC Registered litter was born. (1) Black Male & (5) Red Females. Parents Tobi & Rainier. Our CKC pricing is $1,800 per puppy.                         

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Thank you for considering our breeding program.

What Registries

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The American Kennel Club also known as AKC was founded in 1884. The AKC is the recognized and expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. For more information regarding AKC please visit www.akc.org 

The American Canine Association, Inc. also known as ACA is the world’s largest health tracking dog registry. ACA is the second largest dog registry and was established in 1984. ACA sanctions dog shows and competition trials throughout North America and the Caribbean. For more information regarding ACA please visit their website at  www.acainfo.com

The Continental Kennel Club also known as CKC was established in 1991 in Walker, Louisiana. The CKC is a commercial registry for purebred dog pedigrees. For more information regarding CKC please visit their website at http://www.ckcusa.com 

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